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Michał Łęgowski

HR consultant and advisor, business trainer (VCC®), accredited executive coach PCC® (ICF®), certified consultant of mental toughness (MTQPlus™) and integrated leadership models (ILM72™), transactional analyst (AT-101, EATA®), professional speaker (ACS™, ALB™ TM®), group process facilitator (IAF® method), expert on. training and development process design (using the SEB® model of Pavel Kopijer), business communication specialist, certified organizational psychologist and economist in management science.

Entrepreneur and CEO, as well as leader of the coaching team of the training and consulting company TrainBrain Polska Sp. z o.o. and Associate Consultant for EY Lane4 from the UK. He is one of the experts participating in the research of the Industry Human Capital Balance II in the category of development services organized on behalf of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Recognized as “Personality of the Republic of Poland 2018”. according to the Britishpedia lexicon for his successes in the training industry and contributions to society. He promotes the idea of a salutogenic approach to business, which is derived from health psychology and means preventive, preventive or anticipatory action. He strives in his ambitions to make training companies in Poland verifiable and trustworthy, and trainers working in the market subject to regular supervision.


He advises Boards of Directors and senior management in the area of development strategy and training and development policy itself within the field of human resource management as an experienced business psychologist.
He provides inspiring consultations for HR teams in the process of creating system solutions for organizations. He demonstrates how to create, for example, job descriptions, competency maps, career paths, mentoring system, onboarding process, training needs identification procedures or hybrid employee evaluation system. He advises on the selection of rewards and motivators, and helps to dovetail management metrics.
He helps implement organizational changes in the VUCA world regarding the culture of a learning organization, the culture of feedback, the assumptions of Management 3.0 or self-organizing teams according to the Agile manifesto.


He designs effective training and development processes based on Paul Kopijer's SEB® model, which incorporates Kirkpatrick's 4-level evaluation model and Leslie Rae's 10-step training process. In his work, he also applies Scriven's model, Brinkerhoff's methodology, M.Q Patton's developmental evaluation and Philips' ROI metrics.
He specializes as a business trainer in working with leaders on managerial competencies and soft skills. He has experience in conducting not only classroom training, but also online training using a variety of interactive tools.
He focuses on small group work and working with case studies. He works according to the group process philosophy of his own making, from which he trains other trainers. He is an expert in facilitation and working with difficult participants. He has proven training experience at every level of the organization.



He speaks as an industry authority at various conferences, events, trade shows and universities. He trained as a professional speaker at Toastmasters International® for 5 years, and now trains senior management in public speaking himself.
He writes acclaimed texts for industry magazines, is the editor-in-chief of the TrainBrain blog and writes articles for his LinkedIn profile. His publications can be seen in HR Business Partner, Business Tigers and Coaching magazines, among others.
He records audiovisual materials and maintains a YouTube channel. His online courses can be seen in Career Academy's online training catalog, among others. He prepares short video competency guides on behalf of business clients.


He has led a successful training and consulting company since 2014, which has implemented numerous HR projects throughout Europe. His company has more than 150 written references provided by satisfied clients over the past several years.
He invests in real estate, cryptocurrencies, stock market shares and people. He is an experienced networker with an extensive network of contacts in many industries. He connects people from the business world and regularly maintains relationships with experts in a wide variety of specialties.

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